Budapest, Hungry

Date and times of travel:

Saturday morning 12th May to Tuesday morning 15th May

Another abroad birthday bonanza, this you can say is somewhat becoming a tradition? I guess stay tuned for another year to find out. This year we travelled to Budapest if you don’t know much about it in Europe is it usually the place where hen/ bachelor parties happen due to how cheap everything is over there. However that is just the surface of it all, of course, you have the history and culture still present and lots of different districts you can travel to. This time around I travelled with basically the same close friends as my last birthday abroad, however with one extra companion.



Originally this trip was a present split between the three girls to each other to celebrate their birthdays. However, due to them being busy throughout the year they only had time now to travel, which conveniently landed on my birthday! So I thought it would be rude not to invite myself!

Being a vegan in Budapest

You can differently be a vegan in Budapest with quite a few vegan-friendly / completely vegan restaurants dotted around the city and all very cheap! However, if you ever go to any markets and takeaway places after a messy night out you may struggle. BUT have no fear there are a lot of 24 hour little shops open around the city that you can pick up a little midnight snack on the way home.

Food I packed:

  • Ground coffee for every day (because I am a coffee snob)
  • Oats, protein, nuts and dried fruit mix for each morning breakfast.


Saturday 12th May 2018

Got up at 5am at the airport by 6:45, the flight took off around 9am. Arrived in Budapest around mid-day. A quick 25-minute taxi drive to our air B&B (which was super cheap about £5 each) After taking in our apartment views of the city (which was beautiful) we headed out into the city to find one of their many famous ruin bars. These bars are built in Budapest’s old District VII neighbourhood (the old Jewish quarter) where we stayed so it was very convenient with them being so close and great for nights out.


After a few drinks and an hour of spontaneous downpour and thunder (very unexpectedly), we went around the corner to a long outside corridor where a lot of trendy food vans were placed to get a hearty bite to eat. This is where you can go find a vegan burger stand, was in my element.


After drinks and food, we went for a quick food shop and bought quick snacks such as tinned vegetables and bananas. Alongside cider to drink in the apartment for the pre-drinks before the first night out in Budapest.




This night was relative calm with us returning back around 1:30pm. Was a night casual drink out.


What I ate that day:

  • Avocado and spinach sandwich with 1 banana and a protein shake. (This was eaten at home)
  • Go ahead bars for arrival at the flat in Budapest
  • Vegan burger and large fries
  • An array of cider and spirits
  • Veg noodles with peas after the night out


Sunday 13th of May 2018:

We all woke up around 9am but got out of bed around the 10am (might as well enjoy the sleep while on holiday) had some breakfast with a morning coffee, shower and ready to set off.



  • Bus and tram to Margaret Island (Margitsziget)
  • Bus and tram to one of the public baths, specifically Széchenyi Baths, Hot Public Thermal Bath
  • The night out into the hours of my birthday at one of the ruin bars


Margaret Island (Margitsziget) was beautiful! A huge park full of attractions and activities for all. When we arrived with had half an hour of their famous Tandem bikes (you can get both 2 and 4 person ones) for roughly £5 each!





After we walked around a bit found a spot to settle down and grab a bite to eat with a couple of alcoholic beverages. (We quickly went to the supermarket before in the morning to grab nibbles)


Once rested and satisfied we headed over to one of the public baths specifically Széchenyi Baths, Hot Public Thermal Bath.

Considering the temperature outside was around 27 degrees to enter a pool that was 24-26 degrees was odd. In the UK when entering a pool you are expecting it to be colder than its surroundings. So, in this case, the usual pool shiver.


After a good few hours at the poolside catching up, drinking and taking pictures we headed back. A quick stop to pick up food and large fries to line the stomach then headed back home to get ready to go out and party.


Hitting midnight (birthday) we headed to a ruin bar were a range of different type of music played in different various rooms. Throughout the night we went to all to get the taste of it. Was a very enjoyable night!


What I ate that day:

  • Oats that I pre-made and brought with me with a cup of coffee and a banana
  • Bottle of cider, lentil chips, and red grapes.
  • Rum and coke alongside a cider at the thermal baths
  • Large chips from Mc Donald’s
  • Vegetable noodles with green split peas
  • Various drinks and shots at night into the birthday.
  • Post night out food: vegetable noodles plain.


Monday 14th of May 2018

Another late wake up (this time not out of laziness, we did stay out until around 2:30am. But feeling great still none the less.

Agenda for the day:

  • Food at The great market hall
  • Sight-seeing to see Liberty Monument, Budapest, and views of all Budapest
  • Sight-seeing, cathedral and parliament building
  • Dinner at olive organic and hummus restaurant
  • Dessert and an ice cream and cake parlour
  • Hope to relax, pack and head to bed early for an early flight in the morning.


The Great market hall was beautiful! Everything and anything is sold there. From cooked food, hand backs all the way to fruit veg and meat items. It’s almost like a trendy well-built Costco. However ready prepared food as a vegan here is very slim pickings. As it’s all transitional Hungarian food, lots of meat and fish dishes. There are a few places where you can just pick the sides to make up a mini meal to eat. Like I have a side salad with their roast potatoes, which were both spices very well! And to end it I went to one of their fruit stands and got a very colourful fruit pot as dessert.





Liberty Monument, Budapest was beautiful it works going for just the views! Will leave you with these pictures!






Also the cathedral and parliament building!




Once what was needed to be seen had been seen we headed over to the Olive Tree Hummus Original restaurant on Paulay Ede u street. Please see follow the think to the website to look at their menu . I had the Hummus extra meal. This meal was so large that I had to make a sandwich wrap to go to have for breakfast so definitely worth the money for what you get. See the photo below.



After the meal, we popped into what looked like a candy/ dessert shop called, Sugar! Design Confectionery and Candy Store. Think of the website:

They had only a small selection of vegan options which were mainly in the ice cream and sorbet section. I am not a big dessert fan myself, however, I did buy 1 scoop of their pistachio ice cream (which was vegan) and I was very impressed and satisfied. (Please note none of their cones for the ice creams is vegan!)

This is where the daily activities ended and the relaxing started. A quick shower and packing throughout the night in preparation for our early flight in the mo9rning meant that another night out wasn’t in the cards but after an eventful 3 days we were pooped! (a colloquial term for extremely tired).

What I ate that day:

  • Home bought oats, coffee for breakfast and a banana
  • Roast potatoes with a tomato and rocket salad, for dessert in the same meal, had a fruit pot from the markets. It consisted of watermelon, strawberries, mango, pineapple and peaches
  • Coffee and Czech cinnamon and chocolate pastry
  • Hummus extra meal from Olive Tree Hummus Original restaurant, with a cider.
  • Pistachio ice cream for dessert from Sugar! Design Confectionery and Candy Store

This ended our journey to Budapest by midday on Tuesday we were back in Manchester and our normal lives resumed. It was defiantly a great city break destination and I wouldn’t mind going again to explore the city further and embrace the Hungarian culture more.


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