Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, Belgium

Between the 14th and 17th of October I travelled to the country of Belgium, specifically the capital Brussels. To accompany me were two of my friend’s, one that I met from Uni and her friend whom I have met and befriended.

Originally we wanted to go to Paris, a city I loved and wanted to return to (see my Paris blog to see why). But most the party had already been and because of the short notice the flights and accommodation were becoming to be too expensive. So Brussels was chosen instead, and looking back I’m glad it was, (however Paris I will return to you in 2018!).

A vegan in Brussels

Now this trip it was a lot of me bringing my own food, and snacking of fruit throughout the day. Only because we were constantly on the go and the party I was with have a very weird eating habit of like 2/3 meals of day. So I had to think on my feet here.

If  travelling alone, being vegan and going to Brussels won’t be a hardship. You may have to make most you meals e.g. breakfast and lunch. But going out for dinner you’ll defiantly have a few restaurants to try around the main square. (Let’s be honest vegans we are making most our stuff and living of fruit when travelling anyways).

Food prep I brought with me before our travels:

  • Oats, hazel nuts and chocolate protein powder dry mix for each morning
  • 1 vegetable noodle packet that just requires cooking in water

I didn’t pack anymore than that as I wanted to buy most my food over in Brussels.


Day 1, Saturday 14th October 2017

Our flight from Manchester airport took off at 7:00am (UK time) and arrived 9:00am (Brussels time). We then had to take a shuttle bus to Brussels, which was approx 45mins. We then walked about 30 minutes to our Air B&B. On arrival we unpacked all our stuff (well most of it) and went to do a quick food shop in the Lidle 30 seconds away from us.

After we were settled we went out for a coffee and brunch then sightseeing around the area and main square. It was unfortunate that just before this trip I fell ill so I wasn’t feeling myself at all but I pushed through.

The day went through into the night, few bevies out. Which ended up in the famous Delirium. Soon after we where back home by midnight and I fell asleep as soon as I got in.




What I ate this day:

  • Oats, hazel nuts and chocolate protein powder dry mix for each morning
  • 1 vegetable noodle packet that just requires cooking in water
  • 3 oranges, Baguette with biscotti spread (guilty pleasure), apple juice.
  • Bowl of chips with camomile tea (as a snack while the girls have brunch)
  • 2 Bananas


Day 2, Sunday 15th October 2017

Breakfast at 10:30am, get ready and set off to a main centre park near the Palace, were we encountered loud music and had a cute picnic in the park. (I had a mini nap as I felt a lot better however was still flagging I waves).





After our picnic we then went to the main cathedral in Brussels, St.  Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral.

Next was the Sunday market, which I’m not going to lie it was very sparse. However it was very nice to see the main square on a Sunday afternoon with live opera music in the background (casual). Went to get a few drinks then back home to have a few drinks, get ready and go out. First we went to have dinner at a restaurant called Fanny Thai (which was great, a bit salty which I forgave as it delivered and flavour).



Afterwards we then partied to the early morning.

What I ate this day:

  • Oats, hazel nuts and chocolate protein powder dry mix for each morning
  • 2 oranges, Baguette with biscotti spread (guilty pleasure), apple juice.
  • 2 bananas
  • Handful of nuts
  • Tofu steaks, Fried noodles with mixed vegetables and vegetable spring rolls


Day 3, Monday 16th October 2017

Surprisingly not hangover, we moved to our updated location kindly covered by Air B&B in the heart of Brussels, 5 minutes walk from the main square. After admiring the flat we went out to go and get brunch at a place called Walvis, which honestly had one of the best tasting homemade hummus! Defiantly recommend you go if you ever visit.


On the way there and back we stopped into a few charity and vintage shops to see if you can see any bargains and I managed to grab myself a nice silk shirt for £10! We then popped into a Lidle (they were everywhere) and bough some stuff to cook dinner in the new flat and eat in for the evening. After dropping all the food items at home, we headed out on a souvenir buying crawl which ended with a quick beverage next to the flat.


With a successful dinner in the flat (main and dessert)



it was time to hit the sack as we had an early morning the next day to catch a 7am flight back home to the UK. We arrived home on Tuesday 17th of October 2017 by 10am, after which I had a nap before restarting my day again.

What I ate this day:

  • Oats, hazel nuts and chocolate protein powder dry mix for each morning
  • Hummus, bread, cappuccino and a banana
  • 2 oranges and some peanuts
  • Mix vegetable Pasta with tomato and homemade garlic bread


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  1. Sounds like a great trip! You paint a delightful picture – I fancy a picnic and nap in a sunny park now. 🙂

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