Am I Plant Based ?

Being plant based, girl this thing is not easy. Lets break it down.

Vegan: doesn’t eat anything that has come from an animal. If you can make it vegan you can eat it.

Plant based vegan: Only consumes something that have come straight from plants. No ‘imatation’ meats that are mostly startches, gum and ‘fake meats’. This coveres processed foods, meaning  a lot more time in the kitchen and finding foods that are only made from fruit and plants. That’s it. No acids, milled process flours (must be wholemeal) no gums or anything chemical based.

Now, me being me I love a challenge and loving the life of a vegan it is definatly now part of my lifestyle and I see myself doing it for most / even all my life. However I am an active gym goer that requires a lot of food that is high in protien. What I have found being plant based for 2 months now  is that I have to eat a LOT more and spend most my day chewing and fitting as much food in the day as possible to hit my macros. Because of this towards the end of the day I start to dread my next meal as I have to prep it and spend even more time in the kitchen.

I definalty feel the benifts already for example eating less proceses ‘fake meats’ . I have a lot more enegery and now only rely on 1 coffee a day! (before I  was on at least 3).

To answer the blog question, am I a plant based vegan? After thinking about it, no. It doesn’t fit my lifestyle at all and it is effecting my relationship with food.

HOWEVER, I have made the descision to take up a close plant based vegan diet but not be stricked about it and defiantly stop eating ‘fake meat’ products.

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