Copenhagen, Denmark



Between the 12th and 15th of May I travelled to the country of Denmark , specifically the capital Copenhagen. To accompany me were two of my friends from that met from Uni.


Originally I intended to go to the city of Copenhagen for work to view all the patisserie and desserts around various restaurants and shops as market research within our department.  However I was not chosen to go in the end as they though somebody else within my department will benefit from it more than I would. I will do a blog post later on to tell you exactly what that means. This didn’t stop me from going as it was also my birthday weekend and I wanted to go on holiday. So I booked the weekend off and booked the cheapest flights out there.

A vegan in Copenhagen:

CALLING ALL VEGANS,  this is somewhere were you will be taken care of. When I came back I did a little back ground research into the Denmark food culture, more and more people over there are advicating for the vegan diet (even the government). As a nation they are all super fit with their bike riding and health awareness.

Food prep I brought with me before our travels:

  • Oats, seasame seeds and saltanas for each morning there.
  • Protien powder for each day to have with my oats, mixed in. So all I had to do is get hot water from the hotel coffee machine and mix all together.

I didt want to pack anymore as our hotels oftern don’t have a lot of facilities to make anything in the room (compared to like an Air B&B).


Day 1, Friday 12th May 2017

Our flight from Manchester airport took off at 6:35pm (UK time) and arrived 9:30pm (copenhagen time). Copenhagen is 1 hour ahead so the flight took just under 2hrs. We stayed at a hotel about 10 minute walk from the train station, it is called  Wakeup Copenhagen. We checked in, had dinner at the hotel, unpacked and was in bed by midnight.

What I ate this day:

  • A Falafel wrap, Coca trekk bar, banana chips and a bottle of water before stepping on the plane.
  • Dinner: Vegetable noodle broth (pot noodle style) from the hotel. A Somersby Cidre and a mixed fruit pot.



Day 2, Saturday 13th May 2017

Breakfast at 9:30am (got this as a complimentary gift from the hotel as we had an issue with our first room and they moved us). At around 11:30am went to the flea market by the yellow brick wall.


12:30pm/1pm we then went to grab some coffee and smoothies at a place called The Laundromat Cafe. It was a hip place selling cake, hot drinks, food and smoothies as well as a place to go and do your weekly laundry.





After we went to the Tivoli Gardens went around the place, picked a spot to sit down grab a drink and chill out for the afternoon. None of us really want to go on any of the rides which was perfect for me.



After we then went back to the hotel, had a nap. When well rested we got up and got ready to go out for dinner. A place called Mother, Known for their home cooked stone baked pizzas.

After demoishing our food we went to get a few drinks into the night and up till midnight for birthday o’clock.

What I ate this day:

  • Breakfast: Morning oats
  • Breakfast 2: 2 bread loaves with both strawberry jam and blueberry jam. Filtered coffee and a cup of orange juice.
  • Lunch: Coffee Americano with half a strawberry smoothy and a pear
  • Snack: 3 rice cakes and an apple. Also treated myself to a box of popcorn and a Somersby cider.
  • Vegetarian Pizza with no cheese (using seasonal vegetables) from – Mother restaurant.


Day 3, Sunday 14th May 2017 (24th B-day)

Up early to get ready to go and have brunch at Mad & Kaffe.



After we went to the Botanical Garden located in the centre of Copenhagen. Were we went and chilled for the afternoon.


Later on the afternoon we went to venture around Freetown Christiania a mini town within the city, were they live by their own rules agreed with the government . I didn’t take any photos here as it wasn’t advised.

We then went back to the hotel via the Metro to relaz for the evening. Went to a 7eleven to get my dinner for the hotel. After eating we quickly got ready to have a few drinks in the evening. Seeing as it was Sunday, Denmark close down everything quite  early and not many people go out in the evening so we literally went out for 2 drinks.

What I ate this day:

  • Breakfast: Morning oats
  • Brunch from Mad & Kaffe: 5 plates consitsting of

1/2 avocado with chili oil and baked almonds

Slow-roasted tomatoes with basil oil

1/2 grapefruit with cane sugar

Blueberry yoghurt (soy) with homemade muesli and berry
Organic rye bread and sourdough bread with organic butter

With an Elder-flower drink.

  • Snack: Rice cakes and water
  • Dinner: Large fries from McDonalds. Then from a 7 eleven a coconut raw ball an a sweet-potato, quinoa and cauliflower salad.


Day 4, Monday 15th May 2017

Checked out at 11am, kept our bags in lockers at the hotel and went over to the food market in the city, called Copenhagen Street Food Warehouse 7 & 8 PapirØen which was highly recommended by all who I know that have been before me. (I highly recommend to go – So many vegan options. See below for all the places that offer vegan options)




After food we walked across the canal, took pictures and sat down to have a cup of coffee along the bank.


After we went into the shopping part of the city and did some shopping, My friends sat down after a bit to have a coffee and cake while I write some post cards.

After we took a bus back to the Hotel, gathered our stuff from the lockers and took a train back to the aireport. We learnt earlier in the day that our flight was delayed almost 3 hours later. So a 9pm flight ended up being a midnight one. None of us booked the day off work the next day so it was a tough get up! But overall enjoyed the trip very much despite the delay at the end and would definatly go back and visit a different part of the country.

What I ate this day:

  • Oats for breakfast
  • Lunch: Korean Food – vegetable pot with rice and tofu.


  • Coffee by the river
  • Snack: 3 rice cakes
  • Dinner: Meditaraninan red pepper and chilli cou cou, Musli Raw Bar and a banana.
  • Late evening: Falaful hummus and buckwheat wrap with a mixed leaf salad. Served with an Orange, carrot and ginger juice (all from WHSmith at the airport).

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  1. Great post, thanks for sharing. sadly it doesn’t look like you had much sunshine! I’ve just posted my top things to do in Copenhagen following a visit late last year and would love to know your thoughts! 🙂


  2. Mariah Jo says:

    Aww I love Copenhagen

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    1. vgfood says:

      It’s such a great place!

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