Paris, France


Between the 10th and 13th of April 2017 I went to visit Paris, France with younger brother, cursicy of our parents (thank you mum and dad). Out of my immediate nuclear family my brother and I were the only two that haven’t been to the city of romance. This post is just a snippet of our adventures around the city.

A vegan in Paris:

I am not really in the postion to tell you exactly what it was like to be a vegan in Paris as I was only there for 3 days. Based on the geographic structure of the city things are very spread out with its own little boroughs, similar to London. (Would just like to say Paris transport system is up there with London’s, no complaints). Because of this, restaurants, shops and galleries are all very spread out. So finding a vegan place to eat involves travelling for it (no more than 30/40mins), thankfully trip advisor seriously helped me out with this. We only really had time to eat out once when we were there. Other times I had to make my own lunches with all the mini supermarkets dotted round the city. Thankfully I know the French words for milk (Lait) and eggs (des oeuf) when reading back of packaging to see if I can eat it. FRENCH BREAD IS AMAZING, fresh every day.

Food prep I brought with me before our travels:

  • Morning oats for each morning there
  • Protein powder enough for twice a day each day
  • 1 microwave rice pouch
  • Almonds to snack on during the day
  • Raisins to place in my oats
  • Red Cabbage and avocado salad to have for lunch once we arrive to the Air B&B. Made the night before our travels.


Day 1, Monday 10th April 2017

On the Eurostar for 5:30am arrived Paris around 9am (1 hour time difference) and was at our Air B&B by 10:45am. Had lunch and went out to get food supplies for the next 2 days, the supermarket was only about 10 minutes away. On our travels we stumbled upon a very pretty open design garden, with an open theatre.


We then got back to the Air B&B; both had a nap before dinner in the evening. Dinner designation was a vegan burger place located 35 minutes from our location.


Then after we went for a drink in a local pub in the area.

Day 1, food breakdown:

Breakfast:  Black coffee // Oats, Honey and almond milk

Lunch: Homemade red cabbage with soy sauce, lemon and avocado salad

Snack: Spicy mushroom and shallot both with noodles – Shop bought. Served with half an apple pure baguette, 1 protein shake and a Banana.

Dinner: Hank Burger. Pinniento Burger made with 1 bun, vegan patty, red onion, pickles. Tomatoes, salad and melted vegan cheese. A side of potato wedges and cranberry juice.


Evening drinks: Prosecco.


Day 2, Tuesday 11th April 2017

Today was the full fun packed day of going up the Eiffel Tower and doing a city tour of Paris. We were both up by 7:30am and out by 9pm to head over to the Eiffel Tower, knowing it will be a long wait to get on the monument itself.  Almost 3 hours in total to complete, of which was mostly queuing. Then the rest of the day just consisted of city touring. Will leave you with these pictures.














Day 2, food breakdown:

Breakfast: 2 sachets of apple and cinnamon oats with 50g almonds, 15g of mixed diced fruit and soy milk

Mid-morning snack: Black Coffee with a French Pretzel

Lunch: Apple pot pure, 1 banana and a peanut butter baguette with spinach.

Mid afternoon snack: 5 tandories

Just before dinner: Cinnamon Baguette with caramelised onion and vanilla spread. (Shop bought all ingredients)

Dinner:  Whole-wheat rice, quinoa, cannellini beans and peas with a black coffee before bed.

Day 3, Wednesday 11th April 2017

In the afternoon younger brother went to a football stadium tour just on the outskirts of the city (40 minutes travel). While he was doing that I went towards the central of Paris to see more of the local area and get some lunch before our Eurostar in the early afternoon. We were back in the UK by 4pm and home in Reading by 6pm.


Day 3, food breakdown:

Breakfast: 2 sachets of apple and cinnamon oats with 50g almonds, 15g of mixed diced fruit and soy milk

Lunch: Cinnamon Baguette with caramelised onion and vanilla spread and spinach.

Snack on the train: 5 Tangerines and a White Martini.


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