A Way To Eat Healthy

The must do’s

  • Eat high Fiber – keeps you fuller for longer and aids for a good digestive system.
  • Must have your 2000 calories a day. This is how much your body needs each day to function with literally no activity. Lowering it encourages the Yo-Yo weight effect.
  • KEEP YOUR CARBS! For energy, just not excessively
  • Get foods that are low in salt, sugar and saturated fats. When shopping look at packaging to make sure levels are low! Per 100g per serving will give you the best indication.
  • Stay away from “reduced fat” basically anything that’s reduced anything. As they would substitute the reduced ingredient with an equally bad alternative. E.g. reduced fat products will be either high is salt or sugar.
  • MORE FRUIT AND VEG! – The more the better. Hit for 5 a day or even better 10!
  • AVOID PRE MADE SUPERMARKET CONVENIENT FOODS – High in mostly fats, salt and sugar.



  • Breakfast: The most important meal of the day and usually contain most of your calories for the day.
  • Use slow burning ingredients that are high in fiber: Oats, Granola, muesli, whole-wheat bread ect… AVOID “childhood” breakfast cereals e.g. cheerio’s which are high in sugar.
  • Get a least one fruit in, sticking with natural sugars
  • WATER! The body would have been dehydrated after sleeping.


  • Lunch: Contains most your protein for the day
  • HOME-MADE sandwiches: never buy the supermarket stuff, full of salt, sugar and high in sat fats!
  • Whole wheat Pasta (could also use cous-cous) bowls – lots of vegetables and leafy greens with your pasta
  • Soup with bread/quinoa seeds/lentils. Any legumes are best, high in protein and fiber
  • Favourite snack (you can cheat at this point!)
  • WATER! Avoid juices, very high in sugar.
  • Fruit and vegetables! (it’s good if you have hummus and vegetables! healthy snack goals)


  • Dinner: keep it relatively light if using meat as don’t need excess energy input before bed.
  • More vegetables base the better as it will fill you up but it’s not heavy.
  • Star ingredient for dinners: SWEET potato! Counts as one of your five a day and it’s a carbohydrate
  • WATER!


  • Snacking: (avoid as much as possible): better to have a small healthy meal than a snack.


  • MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: Find healthy alternatives of what you like not what is nutritionally best for you because you will spend a lot of money on food that will go to waste.


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