Meal Prep Breakdown

People always ask how I meal prep and stay so organised, well here is a breakdown of how I get it done and plan it round my hectic lifestyle.


Example: You can always change this up, switch ingredients in and out to match you more and to keep things fresh.

Monday: Always good to keep your Mondays light as it is the start of the week and you would do most your work on the weekend for this.

Breakfast: Oats, chia seets, dates. Soak this in boiling water for a minute. Then add Almond milk and mix. – ready to eat.


Sandwich: Avocado, cumber and lettuce sandwich (can switch the avocado for humus, and switch the cumber for tomatoes)


  • Stir fry: add any vegetables you like. Make it your own. When spicing it use a soy sauce instead of salt.
  • 3 of your veg of choice
  • Soy sauce, 1 table spoon
  • 3 table spoon water
  • Tofu! (Need a protein!) – Or you can change this and have beans in there.
  • 1 packet of rice noodle (or any noodles of your choice)

Half of this would be your dinner and half would be tomorrow’s lunch.




  • Overnight oats! –easy and you do it the night before, leave it in the fridge and take and go in the morning. (I recommend to Google for recipes as you didn’t give me much in terms of fruit you like…I recommend you try rice milk as you would need to have milk for it. You can use yogurt but better results with a wetter liquid.

What I sometimes do is: oats / chia seeds/ apricots (dried)/ almonds/ rice milk and leave in a jar in the fridge overnight and eat in the morning.


Yesterday’s dinner you prepped


Roast dinner! (Veggie style): spices: black pepper, mixed herbs, chillies (optional)

  • Sweet potato (you can boil these instead of roast them and add them after)
  • Red / yellow pepper
  • Broccoli
  • Red onion
  • Tomato

Again here you would tub a portion of this for lunch. I usually put lettuce to serve with this.




Oats; I would recommend on this day to throw in some seeds / nuts in it for protein and added nutrients. And a banana.


Yesterday’s dinner you have tubbed up.


One pot pasta! So easy to do takes 20 mins to prep and you can change up ingredients if you like. This one is also on my blog.

  • Then you can put some of this for Fridays Lunch!

Prep: Soup time!

So I have recipe breakdowns for soup on my blog. Best for me just to send you over there, here is the link:

  • Put most in freeze and one for tomorrow’s lunch!



Breakfast: Treat yourself!

Can have crumpets on this day, with whatever topping you like but don’t forget the fruit!


Yesterdays on soup you made up. Also recommend a piece of fruit with this.


Treat yourself to what you like! – Within the guidance that I have given you with this plan.




Oats with fruit (if you tried the rice milk and didn’t like it, I would recommend doing the overnight oats using yogurt instead of milk. – this isn’t totally ideal as you would need a lot of yogurt for it to soak which will mean it’s a high fat breakfast)


The one pot pasta you prepped on Wednesday.


MAC and CHEESE NIGHT, using vegan cheese. Cheese is good for protein and calcium if you moderate. But because of this you can only have a little! I’m talking about 50g per portion…the way to get round this…

  • Boil your pasta,
  • cut your onions and garlic and light fry
  • Chop a bit of kale and fry with onions and garlic. – leave aside…
  • Grater your cheese.

Divide the pasta in equal portions… divides your veg medley in equal portions and add to the pasta.

Add the 50g of cheese in each bowl and mix.

  • For weights and portion control for the pasta I would recommend making 300g of pasta and having 100g in each serving.


Remove soup you prepped out of freeze and let it defrost for tomorrow’s dinner.




Pancakes! Two options: one with egg one without egg.

  1. 100g oats / 40g flour / 1 banana/ 2 dates/ 100ml of rice milk (or normal milk if you don’t mind it in pancakes
  2. 100g oats/ 40g flour/ 1 egg/ 100ml rice milk (or normal milk)

Add all ingredients in a blender and BAM you have healthy pancakes. I didn’t add sugar because it’s best to add honey after for toppings to sweeten it up. – have with a chopped banana or fruit of choice.


Soup you prepped on Wednesday for lunch, eat with fruit.


Stir fry time again, follows Monday’s instructions. – Save a portion for Monday’s lunch!

Prep time:

This is the day to best prep either another soup or something you want on Tuesday. So you can repeat another prep you did mid week meal wise. Note this will only last (quality wise) till Tuesday so to avoid being ill you must eat this by Tuesday!








Oats: I sometimes do: Oats, boiling hot water from kettle in – mix / add yogurt / and fruit of my choice with peanut butter or honey.


Another meal where you have a bit of free choice, still stick within guidance though!


Quick salad: fired tofu, spinach, lettuce, onions, grated carrots, cherry tomatoes, rocket. Drizzle with some balsamic vinegar/ extra virgin olive oil and season with black pepper. Have a large bowl of this it will need to fill you up.  – If this still doesn’t, swap the boiled eggs for pan fried chicken (but not this is higher in fat.)


Remember you can interchange days as and when you like.


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