Dublin, Ireland

My Weekend in Dublin

Welcome! So I decided to document my travels to Dublin as I’m sure the question of “so how do you cope travelling while being a vegan” well I won’t call this a guide but I’ll show you how I did it.

First thing was having very understanding friends in your lifestyle of choice, especially when travelling. Travelled with the 3 top class girls!

Second this is pack snacks! In this case due to air travel all dry goods. So I packed the likes of trek bars, cereal bars, my breakfast of pre weighed out oats, dried fruit and seeds. Then once there find your nearest store to get the essentials you couldn’t carry on the plane, so your milk and fruits (UHT is a lifesaver when travelling).


Saturday 3rd of September

Before setting off to the airport you have to replenish you glycogen storages (energy levels) especially as we had to get an early afternoon flight and had to get there 2 hours before. So my breakfast consisted of,

  • A tall black coffee, 80g of porridge oats, 30g of dates, 25g of chia seeds, 25g of vegan protein powder and 150ml of Alpo chocolate soy milk.

Once checked in and into the waiting lobby area of the airport naturally first attention was to get some travel wet wipes and food!

  • Kept it light with a packet of proper corn and a bottle of water (stay hydrated guys!)


An hour or so later I was in the overcast but still warm Dublin and a keen coffee connoisseur that I am,  first thing I wanted to do was try what a good coffee shop in Dublin had to offer. So we got an Uber from the air straight to this quirky little coffee place called Clement & Pekoe  and got myself a soy cappuccino. I was not disappointed! However I do think the place could have been a bit bigger as it was very busy!


After walking the streets and taking in the views and mapping our trip by 2 of my friends who have already been. I started to get peckish again. So popped into a little local supermarket and got myself 2 forms of salad bowls.

  • Moroccan cous cous salad, this was eating alongside a pint of cider called Orchard thieves which I no kid was one of the best tasting ciders! Would definitely go back just to have some again


  • 2 bean salad, which was consumed after we picked some shopping up and got to our air B&B to get ready to go out to eat and then hit the town.


So we went out for dinner to a place called Port House Pixnto. My dinner consisted of:

Patatas- Mojo: Canarian garlic, chilli and almond sauce

Champinones Rellenos – Portobello Mushroom stuffed with vegetables and melted with melhon (cheese) – but I asked with no cheese.

Pimientos de padron – Small green peppers, with sea salt

Pa amb Tomaquet – toasted galicain bread with crushed tomatos, garlic and olive oil


I enjoyed it very much and recommend you go. They have a wide selection of foods that you can make it vegan and they are very open and considerate about it when I bought it up. However I did not really enjoy the fried green peppers as I found them very bitter.

Overall: 3.8 / 5

After that we went out to a few bars and got home late!


Sunday 4th September

With the aim to get out of our B&B at 10am. We work up at 10am, great start! But I work up and had breakfast I packed back home:

  • A tall black coffee, 80g of porridge oats, 30g of apricots, 25g of chia seeds, 25g of vegan protein powder and 150ml of Oat milk.

After a filling breakfast we packed and left our air B&B to go sightseeing round town. I think a visual of this would be better than describing it, picture speaks 1,000 words.

In-between it all had a snack of:

  • 2 Bananas and 1 Trek cocoa protein bar




After a bit of shopping (more like I got dragged along by the girls) we went for late lunch at a restaurant bar called 777.

  • I had the Nachos, no dairy or cheese, diced vegetables, avocado and chillies


We quickly checked out the famous bridge in Dublin called Hapenny Bridge. Got a coffee, Taxi back to the airport and BAM back in the UK.




Hope this helped in how you can work round being a vegan while travelling, a lot of planning, asking people and reading labels when shopping! Going forward I’m less worried about travelling  as I know it is very feasible if I’m willing to put the effort in.

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