What I ate in a day.

Welcome to the inner circle. Was thinking I might as well show you guys what I eat in a day to show even if you have one of the most busiest days you can still be a healthy fulfilling vegan. This day was Saturday 18th of May 2016.


Breakfast – 7:18 am


4 Rice Crackers topped with Whole Earth crunchy peanut butter

Beetroot, orange and oat milk protein juice blend


Pre lunch – 10:30 am


TREK morning protein flap jack

Coffee with soy milk


Lunch- 12:45 pm


Tofu Wraps: Grilled chilli tofu, red peppers and leeks. Served in a seeded wrap drizzles with vegan BBQ sauce. – Had two full wraps


Pre- workout meal- 3:30 am


Soy yogurt topped with linseeds, 4 sourdough thin crisps and one banana.


Post-workout meal- 5:30am


Handful of raspberries and a vegan protein shake (shaken with water).


Dinner- 7:00 am


Chickpea, coconut and green pea curry served with rice.


Throughout the day I have 1.5 litres of water.


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