One V to another.


One has only turned the ripe old age of 23, but still feeling like a baby green tomato.  Was a fun packed couple days of gigs, BBQ and shopping.  Life update number two, is that I’m now labeling myself as a vegan! I know I put in my previous blog that I was going to transition slowly and drop milk and eggs slowly to ensure I stick with the change. Let’s just say I got cocky? At the beginning of May I actually trialed being a vegan for 1 week to see if it was feasible in the near future and it was a lot easier than anticipated. My thought process after this conclusion went like this,

“Well if I can drop milk and eggs that easily why I am slowly transitioning? Let’s just go straight down to the deep end. One V to another.”

I will be lying if I said it is easy transitioning, this is certainly not for someone who doesn’t have good discipline/ passion/ willpower to change their eating habit as a lot of them are learnt from a very young age and are similar to learned habits e.g.  Brushing your teeth twice a day. As a perfect living example of an individual who grow up as a part of a meat loving African family, self teaching to change those habits  can be done! The biggest challenge is adapting your lifestyle around your non vegan/ vegetarian friends. I myself have no vegan or vegetarian friends, lone wolf sad face. So going round friends houses involves meal preps to take over, pre eating before going out and being the very annoying friend who always says ‘oh I can’t really eat there’.  So if you have a soul mate vegan/ vegetarian friend never let them go and support one another! I’m currently recruiting for a vegan soul mate, application process now open.

To clarify exactly what Veganism is, it’s a dietary lifestyle choice (sometimes it can be a dietary need) not to eat any animal products (chicken, beef, fish) or their bi-products (milk, eggs, honey).  This is where I am at the moment; believe it or not you can go a step further. Some vegans take animal bi-products to include their skin and feathers, for examples wearing leather, woolly jumpers, fur coats and even in the use of cosmetics, lotions and hair products. Of course this all contributes to the killing of animals which harms of the environment (my main reason for turning vegan). But this is defiantly a mammoth challenge to change to as a new vegan. To give you an idea it would mean giving my clothes away and replacing them with vegan friendly versions e.g faux leather. Replacing all my cosmetics and lotions to vegan and animal cruelty free versions, meaning buying everything at Lush cosmetics and other verified vegan cosmetic online retailers. At my age and financial stance it just isn’t possible for me to do this, so I will admire all vegans who are truly living the lifestyle and put it on my life wish list.


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  1. Chioma Oben says:

    Nice! Good luck 🙂


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