Me, Myself and I.

Hello! Whether you are a returning reader, a much appreciated subscriber or a spontaneous visitor you are all welcome and hope you enjoy this blog I’m starting.

First things first you need to know a little about the creator, which is I. Well I am a young millennial (I’d like to think) graduate, class of 2015, who studied Food Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University. I now work for a confectionary food manufacture as a Process Technologist, which in a brief description consist of taking an idea from a kitchen trial and do various feasibility trials in the factory to replicate it at a large-scale. This has always been a passion of mine to work within the food industry since I can remember. Although it started as wanting to be a chef and somewhere along the way the idea of mass scaling something to a large population brought a greater passion within me. Because of all this I was always more aware of what I was eating compared to the average person, always reading the back of labels and making all my pack lunches and dinners from scratch from the start of secondary school all the way through to now. I would admit I was slightly lacks with it all due to me being a very active person, playing various sports throughout school and university. The thought process would always be, “well I’m playing sport so I can be fairly relaxed with what I eat as long as I make it all and minimise the amount of fast food I eat.” This all changed during the final year of university.

As a person I became more politically aware, keeping up to date within various industries that affected the food, for example environmental, government and manufacturing polices. I didn’t like what I was learning, especially in the meat and fish industry. Thus on 16th of May 2015 the new and improved me was reborn and I became a vegetarian. The main reason for this lifestyle change is it’s the most sustainable diet. By 2050 when the population hits 9 billion it would be near impossible to feed everyone based on our currently manufacturing standards, behind follows the dietary benefits and animal welfare, naturally.

– See the following link for a greater understanding how the growing problem of a growing population and what steps are being taken to change this issue.

  • Also see this very brief but informative YouTube video of a few things I learnt at university (in a nutshell) that caused me to decide to become vegetarian.

I am currently a Lacto-Ovo vegetarian, which means I eat eggs and dairy. My end goal is to fully transition to a vegan. I thought if I get use to not eating meat or fish, it would then be easier to transition to a vegan based diet. I want to prevent failure. My next steps are on May 16th 2016 I will remove diary from my diet then 6 months later remove eggs.


  • You can easily get all your macros (protein, fat, carbohydrates) and micros (all vitamins and minerals even B12!) within a vegetarian and vegan diet. Just need to ensure you eat a wide range of fruit, vegetables, nuts, pulses, beans and seeds.

  • Being vegetarian isn’t just a way to slim down; in fact you can still get fat on a vegan and vegetarian diet if you consume too much fat (usually found in nuts).

These are the two main queries I keep get from friends and family – If you have any more don’t hesitate to contact me and I will address them / come up with solutions.

So I guess that is a brief description for me, my back story and why I became a vegetarian.  So the key question is now, why start a blog? – Good question! I want to show it is possible for a previous lover of meat to become a full-time vegetarian soon to be vegan. I will share all my food recipe concurs, places to eat, tip and tricks to use when on the move, so on and so forth. Hopefully then I can spread my ideologies and convert people to commit to the life of luscious fruit and vegetables. In this case the grass is definitely greener on the other side I can assure you.


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